One Simple Tip To Make Sure You Never Get Locked Out Again

We let people back into their homes, offices, cars, and many other things every day.
Its normally at the worst times for our frustrated clients.

Their either on there way to the airport, going to see a loved one in Hospital, or just running late for work.

Most people get locked out when their in a massive hurry or things are all upside down, and there is one hundred things running around in our heads and then AAHHHHHHH NO !!!
I think I just locked myself out 🙁

The one trick I personally use is to always look at my keys before I lock or close the door.

Some people have their keys in their pocket and think, yep I have the keys until they lock the door. Then they take out the keys from their pockets and realise that they have the wrong keys or maybe someone else’s keys.

If they had looked at their keys before closing the door, they would not be in this sticky position.

So the moral of the story is Always Look At Your Keys before you lock or close the door.


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