Last week we posted about Part One of the Just Automotive Workshops (JAWS) training Glenn and Tom attended in Albury.

This week we take a look at Part Two. This was the re-keying and key programming workshop run by JAWS and it was packed full of information, skills, new techniques and new technology.

We covered a lot of ground including this great new technology that means car keys can now be replaced and re-keyed using computer technology. This computerised keying program means a locksmith can simply plug a program into the car’s on board computer in order to make a replacement key.

As with the Genuine Lishi workshop, this other part of the workshop means we can move towards offering more improved services, technique and knowledge to our customers.

Attending workshops is also a great way to check in with other locksmiths and keep our professional relationships and networking going strong.

All up it was a great experience and we look forward to bringing what we’ve learned to our customers!

So if you get stuck out on the roads and need a replacement key, remember to give us a call: 1800 348 378.

Our mobile team is fast and friendly and we offer reasonable rates.


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