Winter has really set in here in Melbourne. This can mean cold and damp weather and in some parts of Melbourne, even overnight frost. If you’re so inclined, you also might be heading to the ski slopes, especially with mid year school holidays now in full swing.

Being a temperate climate, most of us who live in Melbourne aren’t so accustomed to the issue of car locks freezing in winter.

Chances are you won’t face that problem. But if you live closer to the hills where temperatures dip lower, or you’re planning on taking your car into snowy areas, it’s worth doing a bit of preparation.

At its simplest, make sure you have a good quality spray lubricant, in case you do get stuck.

If you want that extra peace of mind, please get in touch with a car lock specialist that can safely and quickly take apart your car locks to make sure everything is in good working order and all interior parts are well lubricated.

Remember to also check locks for any extra equipment such as trailers, especially if you’re heading off on any kind of winter driving holiday.

We hope your winter season is off to a good start and if you are managing to grab any time away – have an enjoyable and safe holiday!

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