How many keys do you have on your key ring? Are you keys the weight of a brick? If so, when you’re driving thecar and you have so many keys hanging from your ignition, swinging back and forth you are putting a lot of stress and strain on you ignition lock. We replace around 5 ignition per week starting at around $275.00 each and most are being replaced because of wear and tear of too many keys on our clients key rings. There is a solution to this! You can purchase an easy join keyring. They are inexpensive compared to a replacement ignition which costs hundreds of dollars in stead of around $5.00 for a easy join key ring. You put your car key on one side of the easy join key ring and the rest of your keys on the other so when you get in your car simply split the easy join key ring in to two,put you car key in the ignition and the rest of your key in the glove box or the console of your car so you only have you one and only car key hanging from your ignition. Problem solved!


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