The demand for a good quality 24 HR locksmith has never been higher. Each day, Melburnians are constantly losing their keys, locking themselves out of home or trapping their keys inside their car. The time of day that this occurs? Well, it’s pretty sporadic, however night-time is getting to be more and more popular. With that being said, the need to use a good quality 24 HR locksmith in Melbourne could never be greater.

What to look for in a good quality 24 HR locksmith in Melbourne?

Experience. Qualifications. Insurance. Workmanship. Reliability.

When looking for a 24 HR locksmith in Melbourne, you want to make sure they are a Master Locksmith who is fully insured and fully qualified. Try to also make sure that you can find some positive references on them. They are attending to you afterhours, so you want to make sure they have a track record that can be backed.

What to avoid?

Avoid using a 24 HR locksmith that cannot guarantee their work. Make sure they give you a firm quote from the start. Also, ensure that when you call, that the call actually goes through to them, and not to an overseas call centre.

You should also be weary of 24 HR locksmiths that promise they’re only 40 minutes away. A lot of the time they will say their other jobs had ‘pushed them back’. For that reason, you want to ensure you find a locksmith that is local in your area.

How to find a good quality 24 HR locksmith in Melbourne?

Google! Google is a great tool for finding many locksmiths and quite often you will see reviews about each one. Try to avoid the ones that promise an unrealistically low price, because generally you’ll end up paying more for them.

And finally, make sure that your locksmith uses the highest quality of tools and machinery. Avoid locksmiths that use aftermarket equipment.

For any questions on finding a good quality 24 HR locksmith in Melbourne, or to get in contact with Five Star Locksmiths, feel free to visit us HERE or call us on 1800 348 378.


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