This post concludes our short series about the importance of re-keying properties, including tips and advice about the hows and whys!

Today we look at why it is so important to review the lock systems of your business and commercial premises and a few options around types of door locks you might want to consider.

Never compromise on security

If it’s been more than 12 months since you reviewed your lock systems now is the time to do it!

Business and commercial premises have different people coming and going all the time. They are also often in areas that are unobserved after hours or outside usual operation hours. For these reasons your security may be compromised without you even knowing it.

One phone call and a review of your types of door locks could be the one thing between you and an unwanted break in or security breach.

Single key system

A single key system can be very practical and economical for a work place.

  • Reduce the number of keys required to gain entry via different doors and access points
  • Increase visibility around who has keys
  • Our unique master key system comes with full reporting, audits and updates so your premises are properly secured

Keyless door locks

Talk to us if you are interested in installing keyless door locks at your business or commercial premises.

It’s important to get a full assessment so you can be sure the system you select meets the operational, insurance, reporting and security needs of your business.

Call Five Star Locksmiths now for our speedy and professional re-keying services and other locksmith solutions:  1800 348 378.

Our mobile team is fast and friendly and we offer reasonable rates.


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