Our post from last week about re-keying locks for your family home raised some questions about re-keying for rental properties. Whether you are a landlord or tenant it’s always wise to consider re-keying locks when you move into or buy a new place. But there are a few things to keep in mind.

For landlords

If you’ve just bought a rental property and it is in a block of flats or set of units you’ll need to check with the Owners Corporation (also known as Body Corporate) before re-keying. There may be guidelines around types of locks. In some cases there will be shared locks (such as security doors or underground parking access doors) which you may not be able to change. Ensure you familiarise yourself with security codes and that you have an up to date set of keys.

For tenants

You will need to request permission to re-key locks. While landlords are obliged to ensure all external doors have locks and all windows can be secured, they are not obliged to change the locks at your request. We’ve found that landlords and real estate agents are often happy to give you permission to do this. The condition usually is that you pay for the change and – in many cases – pay to change the locks back again when you vacate. If you’re a tenant looking into re-keying locks please give us a call. This is one of our most common jobs and our consultants are highly skilled, prompt, efficient and friendly to boot!

For real estate agents

Having one trusted supplier for all your locksmith needs makes a lot of sense if you’re a real estate agent, especially one with a significant rental list. It means you develop trust and a good working relationship. It can also save you time and money as you refer tenants straight to once provider and – in the instance where you need to order a job – you can get things done in bulk.

Call Five Star Locksmiths now for our speedy and professional re-keying services and other locksmith solutions: 1800 348 378. Our mobile team is fast and friendly and we offer reasonable rates.


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