Just recently, the team at Five Star Locksmiths completed a job in Melbourne CBD.  We received a call from a distressed young lady that had lost her keys on the way to work.  She was in panic at the thought of someone picking up her keys up, noticing the address on the key tag, and then entering her home.  To make matters worse, the young lady had just re-entered the workforce after returning from an injury, so her budget wasn’t very big at all.  One of our locksmith technicians calmed her down over the phone and educated on the benefits and affordability of rekeying locks as opposed to replacing them.

After the lady finished work, our team went to meet her at the property.  Our locksmith team was able to get into the front door and rekey her locks.  An additional service the lady took up was to have the other locks in her home rekeyed to just the one key.  This meant she didn’t need to have 5 separate keys for her home.  Instead, she was just going to have the one key that fits into all the different locks.

Rekeying the locks for this young lady left her feeling incredibly relieved.  She was no longer worried that someone was able to enter her home with the old keys.  She thanked the onsite team at Five Star Locksmiths and left us a really nice review.

What does the term ‘rekeying locks’ means?

 You’ve probably read over this article and wondered what it means to rekey a lock.  Simply put, it’s a way to change the locking combination without the need to replace the lock.  All previous keys will be rendered useless and the new combination will have the same effect as if it were replaced.

Having your locks rekeyed can save you a lot of money when comparing it to replacing a lock.  If you’re moving into a new home, lost your keys or have realised that someone you don’t trust has your key, then rekeying your locks is the way to go.

More information on rekeying locks?

If you’d like to explore this option a little more, please feel free to read our blog on “When Should You Rekey Your Locks?” HERE.

At Five Star Locksmiths, it makes us really proud and happy to know that we can help so many people on a day to day basis.

If you’d like to know more information about lock rekeying, please feel free to contact one of our Master Locksmiths today. You may also speak with them about our wide-range of on-site locksmith services that we offer in Melbourne.  To call, please use 1800 348 378.  To leave an enquiry, please click HERE.