You may be in a position where you feel like the only option that you have is to have a Locksmith replace a lock. Did you know that you have the option to rekey a lock instead of relacing it? Do you know what the difference is?

Let’s have a look at the two different options. Your Locksmith can advise you on the best choice for you once they have seen the lock that needs the attention.

Rekeying Locks

The simple explanation for rekeying is that the Locksmith will alter the hardware you currently have installed. This means that old keys will no longer work and a new set will be created.
This is ideal when you buy a new home or any situation where you are not sure how many keys have been given out for the lock over time and could still be used for access. If your lock is old, made of poor quality materials or excessively worn then rekeying the lock may not be a viable option.

The benefits of rekeying include:

  • A lower cost than replacement
  • No repairs to the door after replacement
  • Multiple locks can be rekeyed for easy access with one key

Replacing Locks

There are circumstances that require you to have your Locksmith replace rather than rekey your locks. These are:

1. Damaged lock

If the lock has been damaged in a break in or accidently then the only possibility is to replace it. You can tell by looking at the lock, if it has separated from the door frame or parts are so worn that they no longer operate then it’s time for a new one.

2. Old and worn out

If your locks are old then it may be impossible for your Locksmith to replace the parts that it needs to function correctly. This will also serve to increase your overall security as well as old locks can be easily accessed.

3. Greater security

The last reason is that you want an overall higher level of security than your current locks give you at your home or business. Get the advice from your Locksmith on what works for your particular situation. They can advise you on deadlocks for your home and BiLock Exclusive for your commercial premises or other options that may be suitable.

The Solution That Fits Your Circumstances

The decision whether to rekey or relace locks depends on the locks themselves and your special security requirements. Five Star Locksmiths Melbourne can assess your locks and advise you on the best solution for your needs.


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