When either moving into a new home or after any burglary you should always consider doing something with your locks. What are your options? Generally speaking, you can either have your locks rekeyed, or you can change the locking system entirely. Many think that replacing a lock and changing the entire locking system is the only option, but it’s actually not.

How to avoid replacing a lock?

When it’s time to do something about your locking system a lot of the time we’ll be advised to replace our locks. Although this option works, it is also very costly. You can achieve the same result if you just have your locks rekeyed.

replacing a lock

So then, what is rekeying?

Essentially, rekeying is a process of creating a new locking code for your lock. Through the method of rekeying, your lock will have the same affect as a new lock, except no work is required in replacing it. In order to rekey a lock, a Master Locksmith would visit your premises and create a completely new combination of pins that will be exclusive to your new set of keys. By rekeying a lock, any old keys will not work on this lock again.

Benefits of rekeying a lock?

Besides being cost-effective, rekeying a lock is also great for those wanting to create a ‘keying alike’ system. This will allow you to open multiple locks with the one key. Rekeying is also good to do for if the pins in your current lock are becoming worn or faulty.

Furthermore, when replacing a lock, you will find that it’ll be expensive and this extra money will probably be best spent in upgrading your overall security of your home.

More info?

If you’re interested in having your locks rekeyed, it’s always best to speak to a professional locksmith. At Five Star Locksmiths, our team in Melbourne are always prepared to deliver you the best possible locksmith service. Feel free to contact us via our website HERE.


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