It’s not something we like to think about but the reality is break-ins and burglaries do happen. You’re better to be prepared and take whatever reasonable steps you can to protect your home and family than be left regretting things you didn’t do.

We post a fair a bit on this blog about general security and will continue to update you with new ideas and tips.

This week though we got interested in what the research has to say about different parts of Melbourne, which suburbs are safest and where are you most likely to need an update to your security system.

The summary comes from according to their analysis of the 2012-13 Victorian crime statistics.

The average home burglary rate in Victoria is 1 in 71 homes per year. This figure is a 3% improvement on the previous year’s figure of 1 in 69.

For the first time ever, no inner city suburbs are in the Top Ten burglary hot spots. This is likely due to a few reasons including the ongoing gentrification of areas such as Parkville, Brunswick, Fitzroy and Carlton, improvements in security systems and also behaviour and activity of residents (taking precautionary steps).

The Top Ten hot spots are:

Heidelberg West, Heidelberg Heights and Bellfield (1 in 25)

Williams Landing (1 in 26)

Mernda, Doreen (1 in 26)

Ardeer (1 in 27)

Seaspray, Montgomery, Darriman (1 in 30)

Frankston North (1 in 33)

Greenvale (1 in 33)

Melton South, Exford, Brookfield (1 in 33)

Anglesea (1 in 36)

Sunshine, Albion (1 in 36)

You can visit the RACV website to search for your suburb.

The number one thing that police say about crime prevention, particularly the area of home burglaries, is making it as hard as possible for intruders to get access. They want easy targets. So the presence of security systems, deadlocks, plenty of light around the house, attentive neighbours all contribute to your home being more secure and a less likely target.

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