Residential Locksmiths can help you with all of your home security needs to keep your family and belongings safe and it can save you money on insurance.

Lots of Aussie home insurers will give you a discount on your annual premium if your home meets their minimum security requirements, this is referred to as a security discount. Now, the conditions vary depending on the insurer but these are the kinds of things that they are generally looking for:

1. Door locks

They need to be strong and not easy to be accessed by force. Standard locks that are installed when a home is built are often easily kicked in and may need to be modified by your Locksmith for additional security.

2. Window locks

Do all of the windows on the ground floor have strong locks that are difficult to access? If you have upper floors, it is worth having locks installed on these as well, burglars are very creative when it comes to getting inside your home.

Make sure that they are locked at night when you are sleeping or when you are out and leave the keys hidden in a safe place.

3. Burglar alarm

A good quality burglar alarm is a huge asset in your home and will even act as a deterrent if it can be seen from the outside of the property. Be careful of DIY alarms. Getting an alarm fitted properly by a Locksmith who is a security expert will save you a lot of headaches in the long run so consider it a wise investment.

4. Security in your garden

Keep sheds and garages locked at night and when you are away. Make sure that the garden is tidy with the minimum amount of places that thieves can hide, especially around windows. If they know they can be seen from the street they may not take the risk.

5. Security lights

Motion detecting lights placed strategically in your garden add an extra level of security. You may surprise the occasional dog but they act as a great deterrent for potential burglars. Make sure that they don’t point onto the road to blind road users or into neighbours windows.


CCTV is an additional security option that you may consider. These days the cameras can be monitored from your smartphone, PC or other device so that you can see what is happening at your home when you are away or even at work.

Getting properly covered

If you are confused about your security needs talk to an expert like Five Star Locksmiths Melbourne . They can visit your premises and advise you on the best steps for you to secure your home or office whilst lowering your insurance premium.


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