Being a locksmith is about a lot more than re-keying locks and cutting keys. Coming up we have a series of blog posts about speciality areas of locksmithing. They’re not the kind of jobs you’d see every day as a locksmith and some need specialist training and skills.

They show just how broad the profession of locksmithing is and how many unusual little nooks and crannies expert locksmiths can get into! Hope you enjoy.

Forensic Locksmiths

A forensic locksmith pretty much does what it sounds like – they use their locksmith expertise specifically to assist in the analysis of crimes and crime scenes.

It’s not the job of a forensic locksmith to solve a crime (although that sounds like a good premise for a new TV show!). What they do is examine locks, security systems,  entry points, safes, doors, windows and any other related area and advise investigators about what they discover.

Post crime, a forensic locksmith may be used to identify:

  • How a premises was broken into
  • What methods and / or tools were used
  • How a security system was compromised or penetrated
  • Any weaknesses in security systems or locks
  • General security levels of premises (to determine vulnerability)
  • How a safe was broken into

What skills does a forensic locksmith need?

A forensic locksmith needs to have a broad range of foundation locksmith skills. They also need to be somewhat analytical in nature. The main difference between a general locksmith and a forensic locksmith is that the general locksmith is usually just fixing and installing whereas a forensic locksmith will mostly be analysing and hypothesising (working backwards from what they see to ask: What might have happened here?).

A forensic locksmith will need high level written communication skills as they will be required to write reports.

Along with these skills and abilities, a forensic locksmith may also specialise in specific areas such as:

  • Safe opening / safe manipulation
  • Automotive locksmithing
  • CCTV knowledge and training
  • Security systems knowledge and training

This is a relatively new field that is becoming increasingly popular as the work can be exciting and challenging.

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