Welcome to our second instalment in the Specialist Locksmith series. This is where we put the spotlight on a few of the more unusual aspects of being a locksmith.  They’re not the kind of jobs you’d see every day as a locksmith and some need specialist training and skills.

These jobs show just how broad the profession of locksmithing is and how many different nooks and crannies expert locksmiths can get into! Hope you enjoy.

Surveillance Locksmiths

Big Brother is watching! On a serious note, surveillance technology plays a crucial role in the security of many different kinds of premises, including government, business and domestic.

This level of security system installation does come under the mantle of locksmith duties and skills. A locksmith who specialises in surveillance and camera technology will advise you about the best set up for your premises, taking into account things such as:

  • Size of premises and number of spaces / rooms
  • If you need outdoor and indoor surveillance
  • How the system will be monitored and by who
  • Combination of night vision and clear day vision

When it comes to surveillance systems the crucial things you’ll need in order for the system to function well are:

Sufficient storage

For this you’ll need to choose between a home monitoring unit with an SD memory card, a DVR (Digital Video Recording Unit) or an NVR (Network Video Recording system).

Remote access

So you can view footage from anywhere, usually via an internet connection.

Motion detection

You can get systems that will notify you via email or other online method if motion is detected so you can always be sure your premises are properly monitored.

Playback with log and search function

There is nothing more tedious than having to scroll through hours of footage to identify an incident or intruder. Your system should have sophisticated playback that allows you to search.

Surveillance locksmithing is a dynamic area as technology changes rapidly improve and refine the ways in which premises can be monitored and information transmitted and stored.

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