At what age it is okay to give your kids keys to the house?

This is a question we know a lot of our clients and families in general wonder about. Some households have a parent at home full time who can (more or less!) be there whenever the kids are, but for a lot of families this just isn’t possible. Perhaps both parents work or it’s a single parent household or one parent travels and is away from home while the other is coordinating all the kids moves.

It’s up to you when you feel your kids are the right age to have their own key to the house. What we recommend is that you consider these few things about locks and security as you prepare for this milestone.

1. Make it as simple as possible 

Consider getting door locks re-keyed so they only have to deal with one key. Kids often lose things so the less extra equipment they have to take out of the house the better.


2. Cover the security basics

Help them decide where they will keep their key (eg: on a secure key ring attached to their school bag) so it is always in one place.

Remind them not to give the key to anyone else.

Choose another adult who they trust and can easily contact and give that person a key as well in case your child loses theirs or has any problems. This could be a family member, close friend or trusted neighbour.


3. Talk to your kids about information they put online

A new one for this generation and it is hugely important. Kids don’t think too much about consequences and may think nothing of posting online that they are away for holidays or they have a new house key or what their address is!

Don’t scare them or get overly dramatic but do emphasise the importance of not sharing personal security information like that online.


4. Consider a coded or automated system

This is an alternative. If you think your kids can easily remember a number code or you want to install electronic locks, an automated or keyless system of some other kind. You still need to have all the discussions around security but there will be one less thing to worry about in terms of them carrying an actual key out into the world.

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