With the end of the financial year approaching most businesses do a little bit of getting affairs in order.

One of these tasks should definitely be scheduling a service and assessment of your locks. Just like anything mechanical, lock systems need to be properly maintained. You’d never let you car go for more than 6 or 12 months without a service. So why would you take a risk on the functioning and integrity of your business security?

The easiest thing is to set up regular servicing. For instance, if you work with us, we’d slot you in for 6 monthly or 12 monthly service calls. Then you can forget all about it and know that we’ll come on the allotted day and ensure all your locks are in great working order.

The real kicker? Getting your locks services regularly saves you money. A service is cheaper than an emergency call out. Also, keeping your locks maintained is, in many cases, an important aspect of your insurance requirements. Don’t get caught short with dodgy locks!

What happens at a service and why is it necessary?

 As you’d know from your own home, buildings shift and move over time. This is inherent to any built structure. Doors and locks are especially susceptible to these shifts as there are moving parts and many points at which two different parts need to join up perfectly.

Even if the shifts are tiny (ie: you can’t see them) over time this will damage the integrity of your locks.

A service should include:

  • checking lock alignment
  • making any adjustments where necessary
  • ensuring locks are all working correctly
  • lubricating locks
  • replacing any worn locks
  • advising you about likely future issues
  • assessing your current security needs
  • making any recommendations about new locks or systems

Too many businesses put locksmith and lock services into the category of ‘in emergency only’. We can’t stress enough how often we are called out to jobs and find the issue is to do with work or old locks that would have been picked up and fixed – at a much lower cost – with a regular service.

If you want to book a service now or schedule ongoing services for the future, give us a call:  1800 348 378. Our mobile team is fast and friendly and we offer reasonable rates.


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