There is nothing worse than sitting in your car and trying to unjam your ignition. It’s unfortunate, but Holden ignitions are well known for jamming up at the most inconvenient times. Whether if it’s after late night shopping, on the way to the airport or when you’re running late for work, an ignition jam could happen whenever.

Lucky, the car will usually give you at least one warning that the ignition is in need of a service or a replacement.

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How will I know?

The first signs normally appear when you put your key in and it won’t turn. Later, with a wiggle, it’ll turn and your car will start. This is a warning that you should get to your nearest locksmith ASAP and have the ignition serviced or replaced. By acting quickly, it’ll potentially save you a lot money in the future. At these initial stages of ignition jamming, it’ll be the cheapest to repair. It’ll also save you around $90 for a service call. Furthermore, at this stage, it’ll be much easier for your locksmith to remove the ignition, as the removal process requires the key to be able to turn.

Another sign is when you attempt to start your car and the key will move freely within the ignition. There is no spring pressure at the end of the turning cycle. If this happens, you need to call your local and trusted Master Locksmith. Essentially what is happening to the ignition is that the tailpiece on the back of the barrel has snapped and is not turning the rear switch that allows the car to start.

Why does this happen?

Holden’s have designed their keys and locks to be of a high security nature. This is excellent, although as the locks and keys begin to experience wear they will jam-up. You will usually be found trying to unjam your ignition for quite some time. The expected life of a Holden ignition is 3-5 years before they need replacement.


A great tip is to maintain your keys to a good standard. Ensure they’re cut to code by your local Master Locksmiths, as this will prolong the ignitions lifetime to give you maximum life expectancy of your ignition barrel.

If you would like your ignition lock serviced, and your keys cut to code please call 1800 348 378 to speak to one of our trained staff to see how we can help or visit us HERE.

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