When looking to keep your commercial property safe, one should consider the various security options available.  Most commonly, the use of deadlocks, CCTV and heavy-duty roller door locks will all be in place but there’s even more that can be done.  Introducing a blocker plate into your security mix could mean all the difference between someone entering or failing at entering your warehouse/commercial space.

What is a Blocker Plate?

Before going any further, it’s best that we shed some light on what exactly a blocker plate is. Like most other great security products, the name can quite often be a hindrance when discovering new products to implement.  The reason for this is that unless we know exactly what the product is and does, e.g. security camera, chances are that we’ll just brush over it when the name appears.

A Blocker Plate however, is a name that you shouldn’t forget.  It’s a high-quality steel plate which can foil the entry of unwanted visitors.   Blocker Plates provide an extra level of security by essentially helping to prevent a potential burglar from accessing the latch or locking device that hold the door shut.  For this reason, we highly recommend getting one of these fitted to every external door as external factory doors are a weak point on most commercial properties.

What does a Blocker Plate look like?

If you’ll notice the two photos below, you’ll see that one of them contains the blocker plate.  Perhaps you’ve seen it before but never knew the correct name?

Blocker PlateBlocker Plate 1

Installation of a Blocker Plate

For a Master Locksmith, installing a Blocker Plate is a fairly straight forward process. They can usually be installed on inward and outward opening doors.  The most common however, is on outward opening doors. By using a Master Locksmith to install the product, you can also rest assured knowing that the integrity of the door won’t be compromised which is extremely important.

One of the greatest things about a blocker plate is that for the level of protection that they provide, they have a relatively low price. This makes this security product a fantastic option when it comes down to value for money.

For more information on blocker plates or to request a supply and install quote today, please call 1800 348 378. If you’d like to leave an enquiry, you can also do that HERE. At Five Star Locksmiths – Melbourne, our team of onsite Master Locksmiths are available 24/7 so you’ll never have to worry about catching us at a bad time.

Don’t forget …

Blocker Plates can be installed on fire doors, fire exit doors, solid core doors and aluminium doors.  They come in various shapes and sizes and so finding the right one that fits won’t be an issue.  Having different notches allows them to be easily fitted to various styles of door frames.