When it comes to changing the locks in your home, office or commercial space, it’s always best to get some professional advice first. However, if you’d prefer to figure it out for yourself, we’ll include some key points to look out for.  Just keep in mind though – replacing your locks is something that could mean the difference between someone breaking into your property or not. Misdiagnosing a faulty lock for a good one could be a very expensive mistake.

What to look out for?

The biggest thing to consider when deciding whether or not to replace your locks is the health of the lock.  Old and damaged locks may be a potential focus point for burglars. If your lock is quite old and rusted, then it may be time to have it checked out.

Another reason that may cause you to consider replacing your locks will be if someone has access to your keys that you no longer trust.  Ex-employees, ex-partners and old friends are usually among the top three groups.  If your key has remained or made its way into the hands of the wrong person, it’s probably best to consider having your locks replaced – or even rekeyed.

Costs of replacing your locks 

Depending on the lock, location and whether or not it’s in business hours, a standard lock replacement can cost anywhere from $88 to $120 per lock.  The price would generally include the call-out fee as well as parts. If you choose to have a Master Locksmith replace your locks, they should also give them a general service in order to help prolong the life of the locks. The locksmith will also make sure that the lock aligns correctly with the striker plate – this ensures maximum efficiency of the locking mechanisms.

Can you do it yourself? 


Replacing a lock is something that should really be done by a professional Master Locksmith.  There’s nothing stopping you from attempting to do so yourself, however, any damages inflicted on the door frame or striking plate could result in expensive repair fees.  Replacing a lock is something that should be done in order to help improve your home or workplace’s security.  It’s therefore not recommended to cut corners and look for a quick and cheap fix.

There are many locksmiths which offer competitive pricing so be sure to find a reputable company before booking.  You may also come across some pricing that seems too good to be true. If this happens, just stay wary as there are many locksmith scams happening at the moment.

For any more information on replacing your locks, feel free to get in contact with one of our Master Locksmiths today. You can either call us on 1800 348 378 or leave us an enquiry HERE. At Five Star Locksmiths – Melbourne, we offer a professional lock replacement service at very competitive rates. Our approach has always been to provide excellence, honesty and integrity to every job we perform.


Just remember, it’s always best to be safe than to live with unsureness.  Any actions you take now in order to improve your home security can potentially help to prevent a burglar from entering in the future – In 2017 there were 225,900 recorded burglaries in Australia, or one every 3 minutes.