Key cutting and re-keying are jobs that we do multiple times every day. We can get called out any time: first thing in the morning, the middle of the night, on a lazy Saturday afternoon (when most people are watching the footy or having a nap).

There never ceases to be an incredible range of stories and personal life moments that go along with key cutting and re-keying requests. After all, when you offer a 24 hour locksmith service you’re bound to get some interesting situations!

You’d be amazed at how people open up when you’re doing something as simple as cutting new keys for them or re-keying their locks. Maybe it’s because we’re doing a practical task, maybe it’s because we’re making their home more secure, but people seem to like a bit of a chat. And of course, we are a friendly team of locksmiths.

It’s also got a lot to do with the reasons why people need new keys cut or to change the locks. Sometimes the situation is pretty ordinary (moving into a new house, lost the keys or need a new key for a visitor or family member).

But sometimes the reasons are as weird and wonderful, as tragic and exciting as life itself. Maybe there’s been a divorce and a woman wants to make sure her ex-husband can’t get access to the house (or vice versa). If a person who was living alone dies (often the elderly) their family might want to re-key the house as a security measure. We can find ourselves giving comforting words, maybe even being with someone who is still in the midst of their grief.

On a happier note, we love meeting newly wed couples or couples setting up their first home together. It might be a brand new home or a new rental property and they want the locks re-keyed.

And sometimes of course, it’s a story that just makes you laugh – like the guy who went out and had a big night drinking with his mates and somehow managed to lose his keys in the process.

Hearing the stories, good and bad, and being part of someone’s personal life, even just for a few moments, is a real privilege. It’s an unexpected part of the job and not what you get trained for when you learn the locksmith trade. But it’s a great bonus and one of the real perks of being a mobile 24 hour locksmith service!

For any residential, commercial and automotive locksmith needs in Melbourne CBD and nearly all Melbourne suburbs, and our trademark friendly service, call us on 1800 348 378.


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