It’s a fact that a lot of locksmith jobs are small and fiddly. What this means for some locksmiths is they are reluctant to provide free quotes. They feel it might be a waste of time. This isn’t great business practice and it’s also not good professional locksmith practice.

Locksmiths who won’t do free quotes will sometimes provide a quote over the phone but be very wary of this as they are sometimes inaccurate. They could over quote or under quote – both of which are extremely inconvenient to you.

The other alternative is locksmiths who will demand payment just to come and look at your job. The reason this is poor practice is that they may not be the best qualified locksmith to do the actual work but you have to pay for the privilege of finding that out.

At Five Star Locksmiths we will always come out to your property and provide a free quote before we do a job. We prefer to see what the actual job is and where possible meet you face to face so we can:

1. Assess what work needs to be done
2. Provide an accurate quote
3. Discuss the job with you so you know exactly what is happening

We feel this is an important part of good service and it also works in our favour. It means we do more work for more people and pick up more word of mouth referrals and extra jobs while out on the road.

There are plenty of good, professional locksmiths around. Don’t waste your time and money on anyone who gets antsy about providing a free quote.

If you want a free quote from a friendly and qualified locksmith, please get in touch with us.

Our mobile locksmith teams are out on the road every day for all your lock and security needs so give us a call any time on 1800 348 378.


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