When it comes to selecting a commercial grade padlock to help keep your possessions safe, there is an unfortunate misconception that ‘anything will do’.  This couldn’t be any further from the truth. Although a big, shiny padlock from your local hardware store may look mighty and durable, it could very well be a façade.

What Commercial Grade Padlocks do we recommend?


When shopping around for a high-quality, commercial grade padlock, you shouldn’t have to look much further then the Abus range.  The Abus range of Commercial Grade Padlocks has an option to suit all.  Whether you’re just looking for something to keep your garden shed locked or possibly even locking up your most prized motorbike, we’re positive that we can find a lock that suits.

The Abus Commercial Grade Padlock range has varying prices depending on your requirements.  For a high-quality and tough padlock, the prices start from $50 and then for something which is more so suited for high-value items and has a lot more resistance can cost anywhere up to $250.

What are some common uses for Abus Commercial Grade Padlocks?

As we mentioned above, the various types of padlocks available can be suited to a wide-range of applications.  These include:

  • Locking your garden shed
  • Securing most prized possessions; bicycle, scooters, motorbikes, etc.
  • Keeping your shipping container secured
  • Locking your back gate
  • Securing storefronts

Did you know?

If you purchase an Abus padlock (or even if you already have one) we can have it keyed alike. This means we can alter the locking combination so that the combination will be the same as your Master Key or front door key.  This means that instead of having an individual key on your key chain for every lock, you would only have one key which would work for various locks.  This saves a lot of space on your keyring and avoids confusion when trying to quickly access your locks.

For more information on our Abus Commercial Padlock range, feel free to get in contact with our Master Locksmiths today.  You may call us on 1800 348 378 or leave us an enquiry HERE.  If you’d like to see the locks in person, then you can always visit us in our showroom at 1/1a Austarc Avenue, Thomastown.