Even though installing locks on your bedroom doors may seem like a trivial and out of date option, it actually has the potential to provide you and your family with a last line of defence in the instance of a home invasion.

Why Locks on Your Bedroom Doors Work? 

Installing locks on your bedroom doors used to be perfect for keeping your privacy for those times where you just didn’t feel like communicating with the family.  Over time though, the trend has been to leave the locks off as they were seen as redundant – this can’t be any further from the facts.

During a home invasion, it’s crucial that you’re maximising the time it takes for the burglar to get to your location and the time it takes for the police to arrive.  This is why it’s so important to invest in barrier security systems.

If a burglar has entered your home, the natural spot for you to hide would be in your bedroom.  From there, you could call the police and hope they arrive post-haste.  But what happens when the burglar reaches your room before the police arrive? Wouldn’t you rather have a line of defence that could delay them just that little bit longer?

More information? 

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