You should never compromise on the quality of locks for your home or business. We’ve seen it so many times – break ins that could have been avoided if a better quality lock, deadlock, deadbolt lock or key system was in place.

The common perception is that to get the best quality locks and key systems you have to pay top dollar. In fact there are certain very well known brand names that are almost synonymous with certain products (eg: deadlocks!) and people assume that’s the only choice, or by far the best choice.

At Five Star Locksmiths we are loud and proud supporters of Brava Metro locks. These locks are the real deal. We use their locks for residential and commercial needs, for front door locks, deadlocks, and deadbolt locks. From our experience they also provide the absolute best bang for your buck when it comes to more specialised lock requirements such as restricted master key systems.

The bottom line for us is always quality. We never compromise. But sometimes, in among all of life’s many expenses and demands, the bottom line for you may be price. And this is the great news about Brava Metro! Their products are around half the price of some of the better known and most commonly used brands, sometimes less.

I’ll repeat that to make sure you heard properly: Brava Metro locks are around half the price (or less) of many better known brands AND the quality is second to none.

We use and recommend Brava Metro and we’re always so happy that we can surprise our customers with a lower than expected bill!

For any residential, commercial and automotive locksmith needs in Melbourne CBD and nearly all Melbourne suburbs, and our trademark friendly service, call us on 1800 348 378.


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