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Love Thy Neighbour !

Knowing your neighbours is vital when it comes to home security. getting to know your naighbors habit’s and vise verser is a key element to security and safety for all in your neighbourhood.  Alert your neighbors when you are going away or staying somewhere else overnight to keep a look out on your home. Also you may think about exchanging…

Who Let The Dogs Out !!!!

Dogs are a fantastic deterrent for unwanted visitors.  They alert owners that someone is around and all may not be right. If your dog is barking in an unusual way then you need to investigate what the dog is barking at.  If it’s night time, just turn on all lights to scare a possible burglar away.

Prevent Damage To Your Cars Ignition

How many keys do you have on your key ring? Are you keys the weight of a brick? If so, when you’re driving thecar and you have so many keys hanging from your ignition, swinging back and forth you are putting a lot of stress and strain on you ignition lock. We replace around 5…

Lockable Key Storage Boxes For Your Home

Bugger, locked out again!!!!!! After the locksmith has let you in, ask them if they sell lockable key storage boxes? These handy devices can be secured to your front security door, gas meter or your front tap. They can securely keep a spare key in them for these unexpected emergencies. There is also a version…

Melbourne Locksmith Saves The Day

One of the after hours Fivestar locksmiths had a distressed call for a single mum Mary after she just had been burgled. Mary told us that she just searched “locksmith Melbourne” and called many numbers but no one would help. Finally she called Five Star Locksmiths. My locksmith Lucas answered the phone politely and professionally (…

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