It doesn’t matter what the context is – generally speaking, we all want something for a lower price. Our desire to find services, products and subscriptions at a lower price can quite often cloud our judgement, and it’s not until we realise that we’ve traded price for quality that we become aware of this.

Have you ever searched for a cheap locksmith in Melbourne?

Just like any other trade, consumers are always looking for a cheaper price when it comes to locksmiths. What they don’t realise though, is that their search for a cheaper locksmith could actually be a more expensive one in the long run.

You see, Melbourne has been host to some of the worst locksmith scams in Australia.  If not hundreds, thousands of innocent residents of Melbourne have felt that pain that one goes through when trying to find unrealistically cheap locksmith prices in Melbourne.

So, how low is too low?

Knowing where to draw the line when it comes to finding extremely cheap prices for a locksmith can quite often be difficult to realise.  At Five Star Locksmiths, we’ve heard stories from our customers that have claimed to see call-out prices for as little as $49 – what they end up needing to pay will probably shock you…

Part of the operation that these unqualified locksmiths run is to advertise an extremely low call-out fee. This grabs the customer’s attention – and due to the customer being too consumed in this ‘great deal’ they’ve found – they’ll quite often forget to do a background check on the company.

The ‘cheap’ Melbourne locksmith will usually arrive at the job site, identify an ‘extremely complex’ issue and then charge a premium to fix it.  The customer will be left feeling pressured to go ahead even though there’s a high price that follows.

How can you check for a locksmith scam?


Knowing whether or not you’re falling for a scam is usually something that you can check quite quickly. Some things to keep in mind include:

  • Does the locksmith have a current, up-to-date social media page?
  • What are their Google Reviews like?
  • Is the number a local number? Even after calling the number, ensure that it’s not been transferred to an overseas contact centre!
  • Do you know anyone that’s used them before?
  • Can they give you a fixed price for the job?
  • Are they members of the MLAA?

For more information about locksmith scams, feel free to read our blog on Cheap Locksmiths Melbourne – What you should know.

Who to trust in the locksmith industry?

As a general rule of thumb, you should use a locksmith that is a member of the Master Locksmiths Association Australasia (MLAA). The MLAA is an internationally recognised body that provides certain certification to particular locksmiths that meet their criteria in terms of qualifications and insurances.  To learn more about the MLAA and their role in helping to keep your mind at peace when choosing your next locksmith, try reading Who Is The MLAA.

A member of the MLAA should carry this badge on their website:

If you’d like to visit the MLAA website, you may do so HERE.

At Five Star Locksmiths – Melbourne, we have been providing businesses and residents of Melbourne with professional locksmith services for more than 10 years.  Our Master Locksmiths are all highly skilled and well trained.   

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