Following on from last week’s post about those annoying times when you lock your keys in the car, this week a few tips on what to do in a much more serious situation.

It’s an event nobody wants to happen but on occasion, something as simple as a door banging shut can lead to your child being locked in the house without you. Here’s a few simple steps to take should this happen.

One: check all doors and windows within reach

Even if you are sure they are all locked, it is worth checking. You never know, there might be a window not properly latched that will give you access back into the house.

Two: communicate with your child if practical

If your child is old enough to talk with, try and get their attention and give clear instructions about how they can easily open a door or window.

Three: call your spouse or family member with a key

Contact whoever else has a key to your house. In an emergency like this most people (including employers) are sympathetic. So if it is practical, your spouse or family member may be able to drive to your place and deliver a key.

Four: contact a trusted neighbhour, friend or family member

If you can get someone there with you immediately this will help the situation. It can help you remain calm as well as providing an extra pair of hands for whatever you might need to do.

Five: call emergency services such as locksmiths

If your child is calm or you feel confident they are safe and in no distress, you can call a locksmith. Many offer mobile services and can arrive within half an hour.

Six: call emergency services

If your child is in distress, we recommend you call emergency services. The fire brigade is the best choice for this situation. If you don’t know the number for emergency services in your area, call a friend or ask a neighbour.

Seven: break in to the house 

If your child is in distress or you are worried for their safety you may need to break in. If they are a baby and cannot move, you can choose the window that is closest and easiest to access (ie: you don’t need to worry about the child getting damaged by broken glass). If your child is a toddler but not old enough to follow instructions you will need to choose a window or room where you are confident they will not be.

If you need to break a window, this is where having another person with you can help.

Never break a window with your hand or arm exposed. Use an implement such as the end of a garden rake. Push as much glass out as you can. Cover all areas of your body with wrapped up clothing or towels so you do not cut yourself.

Please take extreme caution and only use this option as a last resort if you are sure that your child is in more danger inside the house alone than in waiting for a short time for emergency services to arrive.

Eight: avoiding the problem in the future

It is wise to have a house key placed outside your home somewhere safe. You may wish to put it on your property somewhere where nobody else could find it but is easy for you to access. Another option is to ensure that a trusted neighbour has a key to your house.

Our mobile team is fast and friendly and we offer reasonable rates. So for emergency mobile locksmith services in Melbourne CBD or Melbourne suburbs, call 1800 348 378.


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