When it comes to home safety, you can never be too safe.  A lot of the time people are willing to spend lots of money on protecting their home.  Other times, some people are searching for free ways to improve their home’s safety. This isn’t necessarily a bad option at all.  There are literally hundreds of free things that you SHOULD be doing to make your home safer.  To help though, we’ve made a list of our top 5 FREE ways to make your home safer.

1. Ensure ALL locks are locked

Even though it seems obvious you will be surprised at home many people forget to check their sliding doors and windows.  A lot of the time these are forgotten about and provide a great entry point for burglars. Even if you think they’re locked, be sure to double check as quite often these locks can be tricky to secure.

2. Don’t leave a key lying around your home

Thieves generally check first for a key under a mat, under a fake rock and then in the garden.  There are other spots they’ll check also so don’t risk it.  Chances are their creativity of discovering hidden keys is better than yours at hiding them.  Either leave them with a close neighbour or invest in a key safe.

3. Keep your curtains closed

Don’t let thieves know if you’re home or not.  Keep your curtains closed and avoid prying eyes deciding whether or not it’s worth them breaking in to your home.  If a thief can see lots of valuable items then this gives them more of an incentive to break in.

4. Don’t leave tools/garden equipment lying around the house

Avoid leaving things lying around your home which could potentially be used against your home.  A lot of the time thieves have entered homes by using tools and even gardening equipment that they’ve found outside.  Remembering to lock-up and keep your tools out of sight could save you a lot in the future.

5. Keep your outside lights switched on

If you can, try to keep your outside lights switched on.  By doing this, you can help deter thieves from attempting to enter.  For example, when you drive past schools or industrials areas, you will notice that their lights are constantly on.  This is so delinquents can be spotted from a far entering the property.  If they used motion sensor lights, thieves could find ways to avoid them and find another access point.  Illuminate the entire area and don’t let them hide.

We hope you can apply some of these free ways to make your home safer.  As we said, there are many other ways to do this but at least it’s a good start.  For more information or even some free advice, feel free to call our friendly locksmith team on 1800 348 378.