If you own a mortise key, then chances are you’re aware of the common issues that can happen.  Certain issues include locks being damaged, keys going missing and expenses related with both of the aforementioned. The usual approach would be to find a locksmith to help rectify these issues.  This usually results in a lot of people unfortunately choosing a costly cure instead of a cost-effective solution.

Should you replace a Mortise Key?

If you have a mortise lock and you’re needing a new key, the best thing would be to simply have a new lock installed instead.  Mortise keys have unfortunately lost their popularity and are becoming extremely scarce to come by.  Lots of key manufacturers have stopped producing them and the costs associated with dealing with these types of keys/locks are on the rise.

As a solution, we recommend installing a cost-effective (and highly-secure) alternative.  A popular option would be a deadbolt.  Deadbolts are a preferable addition to most doors as they are user-friendly, relatively inexpensive and extremely reliable.  To have a high-quality deadbolt installed, you can expect to pay around $100.  By doing this, you’ll immediately be improving the level of security on your door. Deadbolts are also a popular option as they can be easily replaced in the future if required.  The reason for this is that the holes used to install the lock will match the footprints of various types of locks.

Another major benefit of deadbolts is that they much cheaper to rekey than mortise locks.  The 25mm bolt also makes them incredibly secure.  If you have a functioning mortise lock with a key, then we’d recommend installing a deadbolt for an added layer of security to your door.

More info?

If you’re still not completely satisfied with implementing a deadbolt, our team is more than capable of offering assistance with your mortise lock and keys. For more information on products and installation please feel free to give our Master Locksmiths a call today on 1800 348 378.  Our onsite team is available 24/7 which means we’re always ready to offer assistance. You may also try leaving an enquiry HERE.

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