When looking to have your locks changed, you might come across two options: lock rekeying and lock replacement.  It’s important to first know the benefits of each method and to get an idea of pricing as it will vary between the two.  For the cost of a locksmith to change the locks in a residential property, a few factors must first be considered.  Keep reading on as we explore all of them!

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 First of all, let’s begin with the benefits of a locksmith changing your locks

Having your locks changed when moving into a new home is always recommended.  It means that anyone that previously had access to the home won’t have access to the new locks.  Not only would you have your locks changed if you move into a new home, but you should also consider getting it done if someone has a spare key that you no longer trust.  This happens all the time with friends, ex-partners and even neighbours.  It’s also a good option if you’ve lost your keys!

As we mentioned above, when you have you locks replaced, it means that access will no longer be granted with the previous keys.  You’ll also be upgrading the quality of your locks.  All old and damaged locks automatically become a target for thieves and burglars.  By having new locks on your doors, it may make the process of entering your home a little more difficult.

And the cost of a locksmith to change locks?


If your plan is to use a qualified Master Locksmith (which you should) to change your locks, you can except to pay anywhere from $88-$120 per lock replacement. This price will generally include parts and labour but it’s always best to confirm with your locksmith first. The above price will also depend on the location of the job and whether or not it’s inside of normal business hours.

What other services will the locksmith provide?

If you’re getting your locks replaced, the locksmith should service and lubricate all the lock parts in order to extend the lock’s existing life span.  They should also check to see if the lock and striker plate are aligned accordingly – by not having these two parts aligned properly, it may result in the lock not locking all the way or as securely as it could be.

Whilst they are on your property, feel free to ask the locksmith about other areas for improvement when it comes to your security and safety.  They should be able to offer you some tips as well as services if necessary.

What if my locks just need rekeying? 

If the locksmith deems your locks to be in a proper working condition, they may offer you the option to just have them rekeyed.  This will potentially save you money and time! Feel free to speak with the locksmith to explore all your available options before work commences.

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Did you know that last year there were 28,337 residential burglaries in Victoria alone? Time to get thinking about your home security!