Our post from a few weeks back about preparing car locks for cold weather prompted a few queries about general house locks in winter. A common question that comes up is why it seems you need more lock repairs during winter months.

One answer is that everything seems to break down and get harder in winter – as if houses, cars and everything else we rely on suddenly decide they’d rather be hibernating than working properly!

But to answer more seriously, there are a few reasons why locks play up and seize up more when it’s cold.

1. Shifting ground

Just as in hot weather, in prolonged periods of cold or damp weather, buildings shift. So you might find doors not locking properly because the lock is not engaging properly with the strike plate. This can be a big problem as it means your door can be opened without having to turn the handle. Not a great security position to be in.

The solution: Usually adjusting the position of the strike plate will solve this problem.

2. Build up of moisture, oil and dust

Moisture, oil and dust are constantly getting into locks, whether it’s rain, or dust and pollen on a windy day, or just the normal oil and residue left by people locking and unlocking doors.

In warmer weather this isn’t usually an issue as moisture evaporates and other residues stay fairly pliable.

While we don’t get literally freezing temperatures in a city like Melbourne too often, winter months are still pretty cold. This means that the normal process of evaporation doesn’t happen as fluidly and you’ll end up with a greater build up of muck and moisture in your city locks.

The solution: You can actually take the lock off and wash it with mild detergent. Then remember to apply a lubricant before you put it back together. If taking locks apart doesn’t sound like your thing get a check up done by a locksmith.

And we highly recommend getting professionals in to do these lock repair and maintenance jobs. Even with the best intentions, if you don’t know locks you can botch a task like this and then end up having to pay even more to get it fixed or replaced.

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