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5 FREE ways to make your home safer

5 FREE Ways to Make Your Home Safer

When it comes to home safety, you can never be too safe.  A lot of the time people are willing to spend lots of money on protecting their home.  Other times, some people are searching for free ways to improve their home’s safety. This isn’t necessarily a bad option at all.  There are literally hundreds of…
deadlocks in your Melbourne home

Importance of Deadlocks in your Melbourne Home

Deadlocks should be an integral part of every Melbourne home’s security check.  Not only are deadlocks incredibly resilient and provide a high-level of protection against unwanted intruders, but they can also help you get a better price from your home and contents insurance provider.  It’s therefore highly recommended to have deadlocks in your Melbourne home.…

Another Satisfied Five Star Locksmiths’ Customer

At Five Star Locksmiths, we strive to always keep our customers happy. This generally happens from the great service that we provide them. It’s not just about providing a fast, reliable and professional locksmith service that will separate you from the rest. It’s crucial to also approach each job with a unique, vibrant energy that…

Cheap Locksmiths Melbourne CBD – What you should know

As of lately our Melbourne CBD Locksmiths team has been informed of lots of unfair locksmith work throughout the city. There is a cheap locksmiths Melbourne CBD scam that has seen a large number of people being taken advantage. Have you noticed the scam? We’ve dedicated this blog to educating you on exactly what’s been…

7 News Cracks Down On Locksmith Scam

The locksmith scam in Melbourne is obviously worse than we thought.  Affecting residents from ALL over Australia, fake locksmiths are trying to take advantage of innocent customers.  In this video by 7 News, you’ll notice that they speak about these locksmiths not even having licences.  You should be very careful when booking your next locksmith.…

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