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Can you trust a 24 HR locksmith in Melbourne? - Five Star Locksmiths

Can you trust a 24 HR Locksmith in Melbourne?

Wondering if you can trust a 24 HR Locksmith in Melbourne? Long answer short, yes, you should be able to. When knowing whether or not a locksmith in Melbourne is trustworthy, you must consider a few things. We’ll list them below so you can see them clearly. 1. Does the Locksmith have many positive Google…
Gym Safety

Gym Safety – Keep Your Belongings Safe

Unless a gym needs a security system, has had lost their keys or needs a new lock fixed, we wouldn’t usually deal with them. Lots of our friends are noticing however that even in their workout space, that they can never be too cautious. For that reason we’ve decide to dedicate a whole blog to…

Why Google Reviews Will Help you Find a REAL Locksmith

When searching for a locksmith on Google, a lot of people will generally click on the first result that appears. Upon clicking, many don’t realise that this could potentially be a costly mistake. A company’s position in the Google search results does not dictate if it is reputable or not. A way to help with…

Using the Right Safe for the Job – Types of Safes

When wanting to protect your belongings by using a safe, it’s essential you choose a safe tailored to your needs. There are many different types of safes and they all have differing functions. In this blog, we’re going to be focusing on two of the most common types of safes; cash safes and fire safes.…

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