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Never Get Locked Out Again

One Simple Tip To Make Sure You Never Get Locked Out Again We let people back into their homes, offices, cars, and many other things every day. Its normally at the worst times for our frustrated clients. Their either on there way to the airport, going to see a loved one in Hospital, or just…

Do You Have a Broken or Damaged Car Key?

Do you have a broken or damaged car key? Did you know that sometimes we can replace the outer shell on your car key? This can sometimes be an inexpensive way of getting a new key made for your car. The new era of car keys can be very expensive from the dealer. They often…

Security Card Copying Service

Did you know that a lot of Security fobs, tags and swipe or proximity cards can be copied or duplicated ? Depending on the  frequency,  we may be able to copy or duplicate your security card or tag with our security card copying service. The price starts from around $50.00 and upwards. Swipe cards and…

What to do when you lose your electronic car key

Losing your electronic car key  is a nightmare. Apart from the obvious costs that are involved, the amount depends on the make and model of your car, the inconvenience of losing your car keys is significant as well. Here is what we recommend you do if you think your car key has been lost: 1.…

Rekeying or replacing?

  You may be in a position where you feel like the only option that you have is to have a Locksmith replace a lock. Did you know that you have the option to rekey a lock instead of relacing it? Do you know what the difference is? Let’s have a look at the two…

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